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The president is the highest elected official in our government. Currently the highest elected president is Barack Obama. He is the first black elected president in the United States.

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Q: Which president was the highest elected official in the US?
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Second highest executive of the state?

(in the US) Second highest elected state official is the Lieutenant Governor - of the US - it is the Vice-president.

In Puerto Rico who is the highest elected official?

The Governor, although the US President as Head of State is also a possible.

Who is the most powerful elected official in the US?

The most powerful elected official in the US is the President of the United States.

Which is the GS grade of US President?

The President is not in civil service. He is an elected official. GS grades do not apply.

What US President is from Maryland?

None. The highest ranking US Government official from Maryland was Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Is the president of the US the highest paid?

The President of the United States is the highest paid public official in the United States, but not the highest paid president in the world, nor the highest paid person in the United States.

Which election official acts as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces?

In the US, the elected official who is, per the US Constitution, the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces is the President.

Who was elected us president in 1992?

Bill Clinton was elected US President in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996.

How s the president elected in the us?

search how is the president elected you forgot the i in is

How the president and the congress of the US elected?

THE president is elected by the electrol college. Congress is elected by the people

How do people get elected president us?

The President and the VP are elected by the Electoral College.

What was Franklin d Roosevelt highest elected state office?

FDR was governor of New York before he became US president.