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What was the effect of the government's termination policy on Native American's?

all the above- apex rights to tribal self-rule, federal aid for education, and federal aid for health care

What is the intervention model for early chilhood education?

type of the intervention model for early chilhood education?

How has the government tried to improve education for Native Americans in Mexico?

better education and better healthcare

What are the important contributions of Spanish colonization in Philippine politics and government?

the most important contribution of the americans in the philippines was education..

How does education affect the government?

education affects the government because people need the basis education in order to make good decisions about the economy and government and if there is little or bad education the government won't be stable

What are responsibilities of the government in education?

The responsibilities of the government in education is to oversee proper education is implemented. The government has policies in place on how to successfully delivery education within the school system and provide guidance.

What has the author James Edward Palmer written?

James Edward Palmer has written: 'Carter Glass' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Education, African Americans

What constitutes general education resources in response to intervention in Illinois?

I'm an RtI specialist, not from Illinois, but I can tell you that in general that Response to Intervention (RtI) is a general education initiative, though services may be provided by general education teachers, Title I teachers, special educators, speech/language pathologists and paraprofessionals. Any of these people can work with both general and special education students to provide intervention in reading or mathematics to prevent school failure. They do this instead of waiting for children to fail and then putting them through the long testing process to "qualify" for special education.

Is the federal government justified in applying the Americans with Disabilities Act to allow Fred Graham's son to attend his neighborhood school?

Absolutely, because that guarantees the child the right to an education. Regardless to his physical or mental disabilities, since then Americans with disabilities were given the right to a proper education just like everyone else.

What does LLI stand for in special education for?

It is my understanding that in educatory circles, LLI stands for Leveled Literacy Intervention.

What do republicans think about education?

Republicans generally believe in smaller government and limited federal intervention in education. They support school choice and charter schools as alternatives to traditional public schools. They also tend to support policies that give more control to local and state governments in determining education curriculum and standards. Additionally, they often prioritize promoting vocational and technical education as alternatives to college.

What is someone who focused on government and education called?

focused on government and education what do they call these person?