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James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights.

He later became the United State's fourth president.

James Madison was also a representative he gave these bill of rights so people can know what they can and cannot do and what people can do to them with warrants and how people can own stuff or how people don't have to let soldiers in there house.

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According to Historians, President George Washington is recognized as having written nine of the ten amendments that constituted the Bill of Rights.

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Q: Which president wrote nine of the ten amendments that constitute the bill of rights?
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Who wrote 9 of the 10 amendments to the bill of rights and was the first president to wear trousers?

james madison

What president wrote much of the first ten amendments to the constitution?

The president that wrote the first ten amendments is......James Madison

Where did Madison get the amendments he wrote as the Bill of Rights?

Suggestions from the states

What did john Adams do as best president?

he wrote the Bill of Rights

Who was the main person that wrote the US Constitution?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the original Bill of Rights, after that, different people add different amendments.

Which president wrote the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights of the Constitution was written by James Madison who later became president.

When was the Bill of Rights created?

The Bill Of Rights was written in 1789, by James Madison.AnswerThe Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. They were introduced as a series of amendments, in the first Congress, by James Madison, in 1789. Ten of the amendments were ratified and became the Bill of Rights in 1791.The official U.S. Bill of Rights web site below, includes complete original text, amendments, and beautiful photos.The Bill of Rights was wrote in 1787

Which proposal method was used to add the bill of rights to the constitution?

A committee of Congressmen wrote final versions of twelve amendments, including ten that protected citizen's rights. Congress approved the amendments and proposed them to the states in September of 1789.

Who wrote the first amemendment?

In 1789, James Madison--nicknamed "the father of the Constitution"--proposed twelve amendments that ultimately became the ten amendments making up the U.S. Bill of Rights. In this respect, Madison was unquestionably the person who wrote the First Amendment.

Who is the father of the Bill of Rights?

the Father of the Bill of rights is James Madison

What is the Bill of Rights How is it different from the Constitution Who wrote it did he want to?

Okay, so lets understand what the thirteen amendments are first. The thirteen amendments were a way to alter or change the U.S. Constitution. These amendments were soon named the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is sort of an add-on to the Constitution. They made changes to the Constitution. Many amendments have been added to the original thirteen amendments in the Bill of Rights and there are now about 27 amendments composing the Bill of Rights. Many other men got together to write and give ideas for the Constitution. The Thirteen Amendments were written by many different people, depending on which amendment. Since there are so much people that have wrote drafts and contributed ideas to the Constitution and the Thirteen Amendments, it is hard to tell for sure if the author wanted to write it, but it is logical to think that the author wanted to, or else they would have declined. It is most likely that the author agreed to write it or else someone else would be chosen to write the Constitution.

When was the Bill of Rights signed?

The Bill of Rights was not signed, like the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution was signed by those who wrote the document. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. They were introduced as a series of amendments,in the first Congress, by James Madison, in 1789.Ten of the amendments were ratified and became the Bill of Rights in 1791. The amendments were intended to place certain restrictions upon the federal government to prevent it from limiting the rights of the citizens of the United States.A careful examination of the document would reveal that indeed four signatures are present at the bottom making the above statement incorrect. The four signers were:FREDERICK AUGUSTUS MUHLENBERG,Speaker of the House of RepresentativesJOHN ADAMS,Vice-President of the United States, and President of the SenateAttest, John Beckley,Clerk of the House of RepresentativesSam. A. Otis,Secretary of the Senate