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Only one President is buried in Washington DC proper, that being Woodrow Wilson, who is interred in the National Cathedral. However, William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy are both buried in Arlington National Cemetery, which is just over the bridge from the Lincoln Memorial, across the Potomac River in Virginia.

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There is no central location for burying presidents . Most of them are buried near where they lived. Here is the list of burial sites:

Washington : Mt Vernon, VA

John and John Q Adams : Quincy , Mass. - in crypt under Congregational church

Jefferson: Monticello,VA (near Charlottesville)

Madison: Montpelier, VA

Monroe: Richmond, VA

Jackson: The Hermitage, near Nashville, TN

Van Buren : Kinderhook, NY ,public cemetery

W. H. Harrison, Cincinnati, Oh

Tyler: Richmond, VA ( near Monroe)

Polk: capital grounds, Nashville, TN

Taylor: military cemetery, Louisville, KY

Fillmore: Buffalo, NY

Pierce: Concord, NH

Buchanan: public cemetery,Lancaster, PA

Lincoln: Springfield, IL

A. Johnson: Greeneville, TN

Grant: New York City, NY

Hayes: Spiegel Grove, Oh

Garfield: Cleveland, Oh

Arthur: Albany , NY

Cleveland: Princeton, NJ

B. Harrison: Indianapolis, IN

McKinley: Canton, Oh

T. Roosevelt: Oyster Bay, NY (on Long Island)

Taft: Arlington Nat'l Cemetery, VA

Wilson: vault in Washington Cathedral, DC

Harding: Marion, OH

Coolidge: Plymouth Notch, NH

Hoover: West Branch, IA

F. Roosevelt: Hyde Park, NY

Truman: Independence, MO

Eisenhower: Abilene, Kansas

Kennedy: Arlington Nat'l Cemetery, VA

L. Johnson: LBJ ranch, near Houston, TX

Nixon: Yorba Linda, CA ( near LA)

Ford: Grand Rapids, MI

Reagan: Simi Valley, CA (near LA)

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Former US Presidents are buried wherever they or their families choose. Many are buried in their hometowns (where they were born or where they last lived). President John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington because he was a Navy veteran and was assassinated while in office.

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There is no special church or cemetery reserved for US presidents. Most are buried in places that were important in their lives. Unless they or their family request otherwise, they are given a state funeral and lie in state in the Capitol building before they are buried.

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There is no special burial ground for US presidents. Most of them are buried in their home town, either on their own estates or at a local cemetery.

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Q: Which presidents are buried by each other?
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As of May 2014, none of the Presidents of the United States are buried in Georgia. There state where most of the Presidents are buried is Virginia, with seven.

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Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson are the other two presidents who lived and are buried in Tennessee along with Polk.

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No former US presidents currently live in Wisconsin.

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Kathleen Kennedy, JFK's sister is buried there.

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No, they are all proabably buried in a special cemetery in DC.

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Where do they bury former US presidents?

There is no such place. US presidents are not buried in some abbey like kings , but are buried wherever their family chooses. Most are buried in their home towns or home estates, if they had one.

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William Howard Taft is the only U.S. President, other than John F. Kennedy, buried in Arlington National Cemetery. All Presidents, regardless of military service, can be buried at Arlington.