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Andrew Jackson's parrot supposedly voiced obscenities at his funeral .

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Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson seventh US President

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Q: Which presidents pet parrot had to be ejected from his funeral?
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Why was Andrew Jackson's pet parrot get removed from his funeral for?

Jackson's parrot was removed from his funeral for swearing. The parrot was named Poll and had a mouth like a sailor.

At which presidents funeral did his pet parrot have to be removed because of its foul language?

Andrew Jackson, he of Old Hickory fame. I have heard this story before and methinks it is some kind of a myth- like that jab that the Statue of Liberty may have been patterned after Sarah Bernhardt ( this was done on a theatrical poster for her US tour- after the statue was built, of course). I just think it is some attempt at lightening up a sad subject.

Who was removed from Andrew Jacksons funeral for swearing?

The question should read what instead of who! The answer is President Jackson's pet parrot! Where do you think his parrot learned that 'foul' language? Could this have been, in some sense, him speaking from the grave?!

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Why was Andrew jacksons parrot removed from his funeral?

As Old Hickory was associated with Pirates in the Battle of New Orleans- Jean Lafitte a makeshift artillery man here, it might have been an ill-mannered parrot spouting out something quite different than (Pieces of Eight)- I have heard obscene parrots in a number oif pet shops -it is almost living pornography- literal meaning dirty words from the Greek Pornos- plus Graphic.