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Q: Which prime minister declared martial law in 1960 and suspended all political activity?
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Who has the most political power in the Australian government?

Prime Minister

Who is the titular head of a political party not in power?

The head of a political party is known as a party leader. Some examples are a President, prime minister, and general secretary.

Is the Queen of Britain a political figure?

Basically no. In theory she does still have a great deal of power, such as the power to appoint a prime minister and to declare war, but it has been accepted for the last century or more that these powers are in practice wielded by the parliament or prime minister, and if she did try to use them it would cause a constitutional crisis. She does have occasional meetings with the prime minister though. In fact, the current queen has been exceptionally careful, and successful, at avoiding political controversy. However her son, and presumed future king, has shown less restraint.

What way did Kwame Nkrumah's early political beliefs not match the policies he put in place once in power in Ghana?

Nkrumah called for political freedom in Ghana, but once in power he put in place a one-party system with himself as a permanent leader.

What are some good questions to ask the prime minister?

* Why did you enter politics? * How do you satisfy that goal/hope/desire? * How have you succeeded or failed in these endeavors? * If you failed, what could you have done differently? * If you failed, who suffered for it/who paid the consequences for it? * Do you believe it is fair that politicians receive such high monetary compensation/salaries? * How can high political salaries be justified, especially considering the state of the world's economy? US Specific questions: * Is it fair, equitable, or ethical that US Congress members receive lifetime healthcare after serving such short terms when the majority of the population has no healthcare insurance to speak of? * What do feel is just compensation for unethical or illegal behavior on the part of political office holders in the US? * Should a person who commits adultery be trusted with political office? * Why or why not? * Should political office holders be barred from employment for an extended period of time in the private sector where they may have affected change while in office? For instance, should Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, President Obama's "Car Czars" be permitted employment with any auto manufacturer or any business affiliated with the auto industry after either leaves his cabinet position?

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Who was a political leader and a minister?

the political leader and the minister was Moussa Traore

Who is the Minister of Political Development for Jordan?

Khalid Khalaldeh is the Minister of Political Development for Jordan.

How does a person become prime minister?

They get political followers and become head of a political party that runs him/her as prime minister.

Who was the prime minister of England when World War 2 was declared?

The Prime Minister of England was Neville Chamberlain when Great Britain declared war on Germany on Sept 3, 1939

Who was President of India when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of India when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared state of emergency.

Which Library is declared on 2nd February 1953 the union Education minister declared open to all?

National Library, Culcutta

Who was the prime minister in England when war was declared on Germany?

Neville chamberlain

Who was the prime minister of India declared milad holiday?

Indhira gandhi

Who is the Minister Without Portfolio in Charge of Political Mobilization for Uganda?

Richard Todwong is the Minister Without Portfolio in Charge of Political Mobilization for Uganda.

What political leader was a minister?

Woodrow Wilson

Who was a political and also a minister?

Ian Paisley

What was Andrew Fisher's political party when he was Prime Minister?

Andrew Fisher, Prime Minister of Australia three times, was a member of the Labour political party.