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The privilege that is extended to citizens but denied to foreigners is the right to vote

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Q: Which privilege is extended to citizens but denied to aliens?
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Why are illegal aliens and their anchor babies given welfare when so many citizens are starving and denied assistance?

because aliens are more uselful in this situation

Describe the Athenian form of democracy and Athens voting system and who qualified for citizenship in ancient Athens and who was denied that privilege?

Citizens were freeborn land owning males who were 21-years-old and older, both of whose parents were Athenian. Everyone else was denied citizenship.

Do Englishmen have the right to carry guns?

They do not. Carrying of firearms is a privilege in UK, not a right. This privilege is denied to the average person with the exception of carrying a sporting gun while hunting.

If someone is denied power privilege and equal standing with other Americans how should heshe respond?

if someone is denied rights and privileges would it be exclusionism ethnocentrisn, predjudice or discrimination?

Which amendment extended the vote to 18 years old?

The 26th Amendment extended the vote to 18-year-olds. "The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age."

Why was the winner of the Battle of Bull Run unclear?

aliens from outer space killed everyone, but the government denied this.

Who is voting denied to?

I think felons, those under 21 and non US citizens.

What is we can't deny?

To Deny something, or someones rights. To Deny an act. Deny, or Denys( present) Denied (past) Example: Erik broke the door, but he Denied that he did it... "you can not Deny the fact that I am telling the truth" You can't Deny my rights ( privilege )

Why is the Faroe Islanders doesn't declare their indepedence?

Technically, they already have. However, the Danish denied them that privilege. Many people believe that the Faroese have the Stockholm syndrome.

What specific right enjoyed by full citizens was denied to partial citizens as Rome expanded?

A specific right of a full citizen of Rome that was not granted to partial citizens was the right to hold public office.

In 1856 citizens could be denied the right to vote because of their race is this still legal today?

No, not in the US

The rights of citizens of the US who are years of age or older shall not be denied by the US or any state?