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Wyomig was the first state to grant full suffrage to women.

Since Wyomig is on the north west of U.S.A., it may have been on the WEst region.

But also check out the facts on It tells us that it was Finland that was the first to fully grant women the suffrage rights.

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The suffrage movement started in the early to mid 1800's by pioneers Susan B. Anthony (Massachusetts), Elizabeth Cody (New York), Lucy Stone (Massachusetts). Later, Ida Harper (Indiana) became a vocal voice in the movement and Josephine Brawley-Hughes (Pennsylvania) brought the issue out West to Nevada where her husband and later her son became governors of that state. Both husband and son made woman's rights a major issue. Although the beginnings started in the Northeast, it was in the western territories where woman gained a lot during the 1890's.

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Q: Which region of the US granted women full suffrage first?
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Which region of the country set an example by giving women equal suffrage?

Wyoming became the first region in the United States to grant women the right to vote in 1869. This made Wyoming a pioneering example in the fight for women's suffrage.

Where were the states that granted women full suffrage located before 1913?


When where American women were granted the right to vote?

In 1869, Wyoming Territory became the first area of the United States to grant women's suffrage.

Where were first granted suffrage in the US?

The territory of Wyoming was the first to grant women the right to vote in 1869, prior to the 19th Amendment. It became a state in 1890.

When was women's suffrage granted in France?

In 1945 - rather later than in many countries.

What group of American citizens were granted suffrage that allowed them to vote for the first time in a presidential election in 1920?

Women was first allowed to vote in the US national election of 1920.

When was universal suffrage granted in France?

In France women didn't get the right to vote till 1945.

What was the woman suffrage about?

"Suffrage" refers to the right to vote; "women's suffrage" is the right to vote as it applies to women. Most countries in the past (some still in the present) had clear divisions in sex; therefore, women were not granted the right to vote. Through activists and reformers, most countries enfranchised women.

Women were granted the right to vote by which amendment?

The 19th Amendment gave women suffrage, or, the legal right to vote.

Did women have the right to vote under the original US Constitution?

No, it wasn't until the 19th Amendment to the Constitution in 1920 that women were granted suffrage.

In which region of the country did the women's suffrage movement achieve its earliest victories?


What region of the country seemed most resistant to granting women suffrage the most?