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Party Leader.

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Q: Which role does the president perform in speaking at a political rally in support of a candidate running for Congress?
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Why does a US president usually urge voters to elect members of his or her political party to congress?

The primary purpose for a US president to urge voters to elect members of his or her party to congress is to make it easier for the Party and the president to have bills the Party favors made into laws. A US president usually urges voters to elect members of his political party to congress because the president proposes laws but the congress passes laws. The president is also able to veto laws but the congress can override the President's veto. The congress (Legislative Branch) is also able to approve treaties (and the president negotiates foreign treaties) and the congress can impeach and remove the President and other high officials (the president appoints federal judges, ambassadors, and other high officials).

How does the congress checks the president?

They probably use the check and balance system you learn about in 2nd grade.

What role does the president serve in the Legislative process?

Constitutionally speaking the US President plays no role in the legislative process other than what influence he may exert on certain legislation by virtue of being the leader of his political party. Only when a bill is passed by Congress an is sent to his desk for signature into law, does the President affect any law.

Who did the Republicans support?

Republicans support the president and the idea of having a republic with a president. If you are speaking about the US political party, you will have to be more specific in your question.

The president cabinet and office can pass laws?

No only congress can.

Which instance of political expression would be considered symbolic speech?

4.2.4 a candidate speaking at a town hall meeting

What was the president before he became the president?

Many different Presidents had done their own things before they became President. Please specify the president. If speaking of the current US President Barack Obama, he was a senator from Illinois before he became the President. If speaking of Nelson Mandela from South Africa, he was a political prisoner in jail before he became the President. If speaking of Paul Biya in Cameroon, he was the Prime Minister before he became the President.

What is the most important element political parties look for in a candidate?

Generally speaking, a political party ascertains that the candidate's political views are in line with generally accepted party philosophies. And along that line of thought, a candidate that is not in agreement with a party's political views will not seek to be a nominee of that party. With that said, the party tries to determine if the candidate has the qualities to attract the most votes first within the party and also within the general electorate of a state or a nation. Therefore a candidate has to meet both criteria to be the party's nominee. In the United States, the primary elections within the various states will normally meet the party's standards, and give a good measure of a candidates overall appeal to a wide variety of voters.

How are political campaigns conducted?

Political campaigns are mainly conducted in the media with messages showing the good points of the candidate and the bad points of the opposing candidate. A campaign is also conducted by each candidate making appearances throughout the country to speak to the voters.

What is the power to make a law in congress called?

In speaking about the US Congress, an idea for a new law or a change in an existing law is called a bill. If both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate agree on this piece of legislation that they believe should now be the "law of the land" the bill is sent to the US President to sign into law. If the president is opposed to the legislation there is a process to either alter the bill or for a president to veto a bill. Often times there is a compromise between the president and congress to enable the bill to be signed into law.

Can the US president fire the Speaker of the House of Representatives?

No the US president does not have the authority to do so. One of the hallmarks of the Federal system is that the three branches of government are independent. So the president (executive branch), Congress (legislative branch), and judges (judicial branch) basically have no power over one another. Instead, there's a system where each branch has some authority over each other branch. For example, Congress can impeach (fire) the president or a judge in extreme cases. And a president can veto Congress's legislation. Just to make it clear: the president isn't the boss of anyone in Congress, on the courts, or state officials, etc. General speaking, the big-name offices that the president is boss of are Vice-President (though the president can't fire the vice pres), Secretary of ______, and the military.

What is Jefferson talented at?

He was a pure Renaissance man. A artist, writer, President, member of congress, cataloged all the plants in Virginia, designed buildings, inventor, gave 6,000 books to start the Library of Congress, and philosopher. He would tell you he didn't like public speaking.