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There were several "slave states" at the Constitutional Convention because the South had an agrarian economy supported by slave labor.

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Q: Which slave state was included at the Constitutional Convention?
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What was the name of the state that did not attended the constitutional convention?

Rhode Island did not attend the Constitutional Convention.

How were representatives to the Constitutional Convention chosen?

By the legislatures of the different state. Each state government chose their representatives to the Constitutional Convention

Which state held the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was held in the Pennsylvania State House, which is now known as Independence Hall, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Three fifths compromise is an agreement at the constitutional convention to count a slave as three fifths of a person when determining the population of a state True Or False?


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The Constitutional Convention met in what State?


Why did Virginia call for a constitutional convention in 1829?

Virginia called for a constitutional convention in 1829 to revise the state's framework of government.

Was Pennsylvania a large state during the Constitutional Convention?


What state was missing from the Constitutional Convention?

Rhode Island.

House where the Constitutional Convention took place?


How were delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

They were appointed by state legislatures.

Which state was the most southern state during the Constitutional Convention?