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speaker 3 apex

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Q: Which speaker is advocating for a constitutional government in the country?
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Which speaker is advocating for an authoritarian government in the country?

Speaker 1 - APEX

Which speaker is advocating for anarchy in the country?

Speaker 2 (APEX)

Who is the actual speaker of the country?

Under any circumstance in which it is necessary for one person to speak on behalf of the entire country, it would be the head of government who does so. If the country you mean is the US, then the head of government is the President.

What is the speaker's attitude in the poem ' under the greenwood tree'?

In the poem "Under the Greenwood Tree" by William Shakespeare, the speaker's attitude is carefree and romantic. The speaker celebrates the joys of love and nature, advocating for a simple and happy life.

Which speaker is most likely to feel represented in the U.S. government?

Speaker 3

What is the second level of government?

speaker of the house

Which speaker is expressing a positive opinion about an aspect of the council-manager plan of municipal government?

speaker 2 (apex)

Does the government sit at the right or the leaft of the speaker?

In most westminster systems of government (UK, Canada, Australia, etc.), the government side is on the right of the Speaker, and the opposition parties sit on the Speaker's left. If the government has a huge majority, sometimes some of its members will spill over onto the left side of the House.

What is an example of speaker?

A speaker is the one who is vocal or gives speech mainly in public. Minister or president of a country is a best example of a speaker.

Who is the speaker for the house of representetives in Australia?

The Speaker of the house of representatives of the Australian Federal government is Harry Jenkins, Jr. He was elected on 12 February 2008, after Labor won Government in 2007. He is the first Speaker whose parent was also a Speaker (his father Harry Jenkins, Sr. served as Speaker from 1983 to 1986).

Of which part of the government is the Speaker of the House part of?


Who is the speaker of the house in the national government?

The Judicial Branch does it