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Kennedy's inaugural

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Q: Which speech was delivered from the steps of the US Capitol?
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Where is the inauguration for president?

US presidents are inaugurated at the US Capitol building in Washington, DC. Recent inaugurations have been held on the steps in front of the building. Some of the past inaugurations were held inside the building.

Is the inauguration indoors?

No - it takes place on the steps of the US Capitol

What is the location of the presidential inauguration in Washington dc?

The US President is inaugurated on the steps of the US Capitol

What begins at the steps of the US Capitol Building and proceeds on Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House?

The Presidential Inauguration Parade follows the route from the steps of the US Capitol to the front of the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue every four years.

Where is the inaugaration take place?

Presidential inaugurations take place on the steps of the US Capitol in Washington

Does the president come to the US Capitol Building?

The president's office is in the White House. He comes to the capitol on rare special occasions such as when he wants to make a speech to Congress.

Where is the oath of office said?

The oath is taken on a special platform built near the steps of the US capitol. In the past it has been taken inside the Capitol building.

Where did Obama make his speech on State of the Union?

He made it in the House Chambers of the US Capitol building in Washington.

What US President delivered a speech on Governor's Island?

Ronald Reagan gave a speech there in honor of the centennial of the Statue of Liberty and its relighting.

Where did Woodrow wilsons fourteen points speech take place?

Wilson made this speech to Congress in the US Capitol Building at Washington on January 8, 1918

Where in The White House is the President sworn into office?

The President is customarily sworn into office on the steps of the US Capitol building.

Where are us presidents sworn into office?

During a normal inauguration, the President is sworn in on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC.