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new york

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Q: Which state in the US did George Washington fought most battles?
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Did George Washington fight for the state Washington?

No He didn't. He fought for the freedom of America. The state of Washington hadn't been founded yet

In what state were the battles of lexington and concord fought in?

fought in Massachusetts

What state was the battle of lexington and concord fought on?

The battles were fought in Massachusetts

In what part of the world were the battles of the coral sea midway and guadalcanal fought?

All fought in the pacific ocean; Guadalcanal and Coral Sea are about as far as the state of Washington is from the state of California in distance from Australia. Midway is up by the state of Hawaii.

In which state were most of the battles fought?


What state where over half the battles of the Civil Was fought?

The state of Virginia

What states flag has a picture of George Washington on it?

State of Washington's Flag has the portrait of George Washington on it.

Which state had the most battles in the United States?

The most battles in the US have been fought in Virginia.

What state was George Washington from?

George Washington was elected in the state of new york

Are more civil war battles fought in California than any other state?

No Civil War battles of consecuence were fought in California.

In which state were the most US Civil War battles Revalutionary fought battles fought?

New York saw the most battles during the Revolutionary War. A total of one third of all battles during the war were fought there. The Battle of Saratoga, New York was a turning point, and was instrumental in getting the colonists supports from the European rivals of Britain, France and Spain.

What state's flag has a portrait of George Washington?

The State of Washington.