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new york

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Q: Which state in the constitution of 1788 ratified it by the lowest margin?
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What was the first state admitted after the Constitution was ratified?

The first state admitted after the Constitution was ratified was Rhode Island.😁

What is to vote for acceptance if the constitution?

When a state voted to accept the Constitution, it ratified the constitution.

Which state ratified the Constitution first?


When was ratified the first state constitution?

The Delaware ratified the Constitution of December 7, 1787

What final state ratified the constitution?

New Hampshire

What was the first state ratified the US Constitution?


How US Constitution was approved?

It was ratified by state legislatures.

What state first ratified the constitution?

Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution on December 7, 1787. This is why it has the state nickname The Constitution State.

What state was the seventh to ratify the constitution?

Maryland, which ratified the Constitution on April 26, 1788.

What type of state was to ratify the US Constitution?

9 of the 13 colonies ratified the constitution.

The first state ratified the US constitution on December 71787 that state was?


The Constitution would be ratified after what state approved it?

Nine (9)