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some forms of speech can directly harm other citizens or put them in danger

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What statement summarizes the results of the company's operations?

The income statement summarizes the results of the company's operations.

Which statement summarizes water quality issues in China?

The government says it is implementing new water quality standards.

Where statement best summarizes the economic policies of the presidents during the 1920s?

The best government is the one that governs the least

Which statement best summarizes Lester Maddoxs opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

He felt that the federal government could not enforce the law effectively.

Which statement best summarizes China's response to industrialization following the Opium Wars?

China launched a government-led program to industrialize its military and economy.

What does the preamble summarize?

The preamble acts as a statement of purpose. It summarizes the basic principles involved in the philosophy self-government. The United States Constitution was created in 1787.

What is financial statement that summarizes the revenues and expenses for a specific period of time?

income statement

Which statement summarizes the connection between deit and health?

you are what you eat

Which statement summarizes the enslaved persons clause?

North side

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Stetement of retained earnings summarizes the changes occured in retained earnings from opening balance to closing balance.

A scientific statement that summarizes experimental data is called a what?

A hypothesis is a statement that summarizes experimental data in a scientific context. It is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon based on observations and existing knowledge.

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scientific law