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Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah.

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Q: Which states' names begin with vowels?
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How many states have names that begin with vowels?


What and in common with Ohio Iowa and Alabama?

States that begin and end with vowels.

How many states that begin and end with two different vowels?

There are six states in the United States that begin and end with two different vowels: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon.

What states with consecutive double vowels?

Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ohio are the states with consecutive double vowels in their names.

How Many State Names Start With Vowels?

9 State Names Start With Vowels

All states that begin and end in vowels?

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Utah

What are the names of all the states that begin with the letter o?

Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon are the only US states that begin with the letter O.

What fraction of the state names begin with K?

The answer depends on which country the States are in.

What are the 5 states whose names begin with the letter AA?


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