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Q: Which states did not allow slaves to serve in their militias during the revolutionary war?
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Who was leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War?

General George Washington led the Continental Army and the states' militias in the war against England.

What where the only two states that not allow slave enlistments in their militias?

nowadays, all states let their slaves enter the militia

What caused some states to consider ending slavery during the revolutionary war?

the fact that the slaves were willing to fight and die for their independence

Which side had a militia in the Revolutionary War?

There were several American militias from different "states". They all reported to Washington, ultimately, though.

How many states had their own forms of money during the revolutionary war?

There were no states during the Revolutionary War, there were only colonies.

What state's militia refused to allow African American solders to serve?

Most southern states refused to accept African Americans to fight in their state militias during the revolutionary war because they were scared of slave revolts.

Does Guam have slaves?

No, Guam did not have slaves during the American Civil War. During the Civil War Guam and the other northern states had no slaves while the southern states did have slaves. The states in the Pacific such as Guam and Hawaii were on the northern side and so did not have slaves.

What country did US fight during the revolutionary way?

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

During the post-Revolutionary period most of the states passed laws forbidding the further importation of slaves.?

In 1807, laws were passed forbidding the importation of slaves to the United States. Based on English law ending the transatlantic slave trade, laws were only loosely enforced and slaves were not freed in the United States until the end of the American Civil War.

How many slaves were there in the border states during the Civil War?

There were 430,929 slaves in the Border States.

How many colonies were there during the revolutionary war?

There were 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War, they became the original 13 United States of America.

What did states do during the revolutionary war?

Wrote their own constitutions.