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Korematsu v. United States

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Q: Which supreme court case where minority rights ignored?
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Which amendments we ignored?

The amendments are not ignored. They are used daily in court and cases that come before the Supreme Court.

How did Andrew Jackson respond to the Supreme Court decision that declared Georgia's Indian removal laws unconstitutional?

He ignored the Court's ruling (Apex)

Minority supreme court justices currently?


Judicial review useful in protecting the rights of minorities?

Judicial review is extremely useful in protecting the rights of minorities. This is due to the fact that it enables the Supreme Court to repeal laws that may have an unfair bias against certain minority groups. This preserves the rights of the minority.

How did Andrew Jackson respond to the supreme courts decision which declared georgics Indian removal laws unconstitutional?

He ignored the Court's ruling (Apex)

Did president Jackson follow the Constitution?

Yes he did, but he did ignored the Supreme Court ruling on Native American rights. He had an unwritten policy that the " only good Indian was a dead one."

Which court is responsible for enforcement of fundamental rights?

supreme court and high court

What Supreme Court decision did president Jackson ignore?

Jackson ignored Worcester v. Georgia. This was significant because Andrew Jackson ignored the Supreme Court's decision which said that Georgia couldn't make laws that broke the terms on the authority of which the Cherokee's have the right to govern themselves on. Many people ask can he ignore the Supreme Court? Or, Why didn't the Supreme Court do anything about it? And do you know what I would say. idk. :)

What challenges have advances in technology posed for supreme court justices trying to interpret the bill of rights?

There were a few challenges that have advances in technology for Supreme court. This was what interpret the Bill of Rights.

How have the US Supreme Court decisions about state rights changed over time?

How have the supreme court has changes

Who is the protectar of fundamental right?

supreme cort is the protector of funda mental rights.

Who interprets the bill of rights to determine what rights you actually have?

The supreme court