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Communism is the political system that called for government control of the economy.

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State capitalism. Communism has no state and no economy.

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command economy

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Q: Which system involves total government control of a nation's economy?
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What government agency is in charge of regulating part of the nations economy?


What is a government agency in charge of regulating part of the nations economy?


What economic system does Libya use?

Libya has a command economy. Also known as controlled or planned economy. This is where a government retains the power to decide how the nations economic resources should be allocated. It has complete control over how theses resources are used.

Government directed system intended to mobilize the resources of European nations?

Planned Economy

Which government board affects our nation's economy?

The Federal government board affects our nations economy. They can regulate the intrest rates, taxes, and buy and sell bonds to prevent either inflation or unemployment.

Who has the power to control deforestation?

Well i think that the government control deforestation as they should control all f the nations natural beauty.

Did the whig party support less government interference in the nations economy?

No, they opposed the concentration of power in the chief executive

Which economic systems allow government to control most aspects of the economy?

Generally speaking nations where much of the means of production are either owned or controlled by the central government control most of that country's economics. What also needs to be addressed is that dictatorships, either fascist or some other type also control the major aspects of a country's economy by virtue of their unlimited power to force their economies to produce certain goods or / and direct the paths of major industries. The best example of this is Nazi Germany. Hitler's government did not "own" German industry but he could dictate what products they "should" produce. It is said but it cannot be held as "doctrine" that Russia's major economic policies are governed by Mr. Putin. Of course all nations calling themselves "communist" nations always play a huge role in their nations economics.

What is a market economy based on?

A market economy is an economy in which decisions regarding investment, production and distribution are based on market determined supply and demand. Prices of goods and services are determined in a free priced system

Why is the UN partly communist?

It's not. Communism is a type of an economy. The UN does not have a government or an economy. It is a body where representatives of nations meet. Some of those countries are communist (fewer an fewer).

What two ways in which Canada's government plays a role in the nations economy?

power and dictator

Does not exemplify an attempt made by the us government to remove imperial control over other nations?

none of them