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Q: Which term refers to a person who favors government control of businesses that affect most citizens such as railroads electrical power and telephones?
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Why did the populist party want the government to own railroads and telegraphs and telephones systems?

These businesses, are, by their nature, monopolies. The Populist Party believed that the rates being charged were unreasonably high.

Who benefited from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation?

Businesses that could keep operating

What were the goals of the populist movement?

A lower number of immigrants allowed into the United States

Why did government policy influence industrial growth?

Government policy also helped to spur growth by giving generous land grants to railroads and businesses and by placing high tariffs on imports.

What did the supreme court case of Munn v. Illinois give states the right to regulate?

government to set prices over some private businesses.

What did the Supreme Court case of Munn v Illinois permit the government to do?

it allowed the government to set prices over some private businesses (apex)

Why were the railroads located in the east in the 1800s?

That's where the people and the businesses were.

How did railroads help the US grow?

Railroads help people get where they needed to be quickly. This facilitated businesses and transactions that led to growth in the US.

What were the objectives of the Populist movement?

The Populist party goals were the abolishment of national banks, a graduated income tax, direct election of senators, civil service reform, an 8-hour work day, and control of railroads, telephones, and telegraphs by the government.

How did the transcontinental railroads differ from railroads in Europe?

It was built by private enterprise, while Europeans railroads were government projects.

How did railroads change American?

They allowed businesses access to markets farther away

How did the government factilitate the expansion of the railroads?

One thing the government did to facilitate the expansion of the railroads was by giving land grants to railroad companies. The government also provided loans.