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Q: Which two groups have the strongest impact on political socialization in the US?
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How does marital status affect political socialization?

Marital status can affect political socialization by influencing the source of one's political beliefs and values. For example, married individuals may be influenced by their partner's political views, leading to shared ideologies within the household. Additionally, marital status can impact the issues that individuals prioritize based on their family responsibilities and shared values.

What has the greatest impact on political socialization.?

A. the approval of permanent normal trade relations with China in 2000 B. the halt to nuclear weapons testing in 1995 C. the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001 D. the Motor Voter Law of 1993

How can secondary socialisation have a negative effect when growing up?

Secondary socialization can have a negative effect on individuals when they are exposed to harmful beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors from secondary socialization agents, such as peer groups or media. This can lead to the internalization of negative norms or values that can impact their self-esteem, mental health, and decision-making as they grow up.

When will the media impact on public opinion be strongest?

People have diverse opinions on what will cause the media's impact on public opinion to be the strongest. Some of the more popular thoughts include news topics related to celebrities, highly debated political issues, or local issues that involve strong pulls on both sides such as smoking or school prayer.

What impact did the new deal coalition have on the democratic?

The New Deal programs of FDR created a liberal political alliance made up of labor unions, blacks and other ethnic and religious minorities, intellectuals, the poor, and some farmers. These groups became the backbone of the Democratic Party for decades following the Depression.Southern White Democtats became the strongest advocates of political reform

List and describe the agent of socialization?

Family: The family is the primary agent of socialization, influencing beliefs, values, and behaviors through interactions and roles within the household. Education: Schools and educational institutions play a crucial role in socializing individuals by imparting knowledge, teaching norms, and promoting social skills and values. Peers: Peers, such as friends and social groups, impact socialization by providing emotional support, shared experiences, and shaping attitudes and behaviors through peer pressure. Media: Mass media, including television, internet, and social media, can influence socialization by portraying cultural norms, values, and behaviors that individuals may adopt and internalize.

When will the medias impact on public union be strongest?


Is religion the strongest impact of a persons actions?

That and emotions.

How did television and radio impact newly independent African countries?

It impacted hugely as is a used an instrument of unification channeling different political ,ethnic and cultural groups .

What are the political impact on computer?

political effects of computers

What are the effects of poor socialization?

Poor socialization can lead to difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and a lack of social skills. It can also impact mental health, self-esteem, and overall well-being.

How do the agents of socialization impact and limit our choices?

Stress can affect us socially by not looking into someones eyes while their talking to you or not talk as much as they usually do or even look really tired and miserable.