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Q: Which two presidents followed in the footsteps of their fathers?
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Which two presidents had fathers also presidents?

John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush

What two former presidents were privileged to watch their sons follow in their footsteps?

George Bush and John Quincy Adams

What two fathers of US Presidents outlived their sons?

what two presidonts outlived their own dads

Who was the only president that had a father that was also president?

There were two Presidents whose fathers were also Presidents. They were John Quincy Adams and George W. Bush, the sons of John Adams and George H.W. Bush respectively. Also, both these Presidents never served as Vice Presidents, but their fathers served so.

What presidents' fathers signed the Declaration of Independence?

John Quincy Adams and William Henry Harrison had fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. The fathers who signed were John Adams and Benjamin Harrison.

What two Presidents died before their fathers?

I think John F Kennedy and William McKinley I think.... Kennedy, yes. McKinley, no.

How many footsteps is in five yards?

A footstep is not a uniform measurement. Two people's footsteps differ in length. Therefore, the two units are incompatible.

What are the names of Jacques Cousteau's sons?

Jacques Cousteau's two sons are Jean-Michel Cousteau and Philippe Cousteau. They have followed in their father's footsteps as environmentalists, filmmakers, and explorers.

How many syllables in footsteps?

Two. Foot-steps

Who are Richard Hadlee's kids?

Richard Hadlee has two children, a son named Tom Hadlee and a daughter named Emily Hadlee. Both of his children have followed in his footsteps in pursuing careers related to sports and cricket.

How many presidents have followed father as president?

There have been two father/ son U.S. Presidencies, the Adamses and the Bushes, and one grandfather/ grandson pair, the Harrisons.

What Two people who were present for the signing of the constitution?

No two presidents wrote the Constitution since there were no presidents when it was written. There were several future presidents who were involved. They are;James MadisonJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonJames MonroeGeorge Washington was chairman of the congressJohn HancockJames Hamilton