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A Dictatorship
An Absolute Monarchy

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Q: Which two types of government have a single ruler a ruler's will is law and the people have no rights?
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A group of people under a single government?


What term names a form of government that is run by a few strong rulers?

Government ruled by a few strong rulers is called an oligarchy. If it is a single ruler it is a monarchy or a dictatorship.

What are the two great advantages of federalism according to James Madison?

Madison believed that in a single republic all the power be given to one government, divided into separate parts. To guard against oppressive rulers and oppression of the majority, to secure the rights of individuals.

A series of rulers from a single family?



a large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government

Match the following A. Single-issue interest group B. Civil rights group C. Government interest group?

A. Single-issue interest group A. Tobacco-Free Kids B. Civil rights group B .National Organization for Women C. Government interest group C. National Conference of Mayors

What was Jefferson's philosophy regarding the power and size of the federal government?

No, he was the leader of the Anti-Federalists and believed that States should have more rights then the Federal government. He strong felt that our nation was too large and diverse to be governed a single government. State governments would ensure more fairness and more representation of the people.

Why did many leaders insist The Bill of Rights be added to the constitution?

To protect individual rights in order to avoid any single power or entity within the government from having too much authority.

What are the disadvantages of a single party government?

Mis allocation of resources lack of criticisms dictatorship in the government no representation of all people people's views are not listened to

What is a Large group of people organized under a single government?


What does unlimted government?

Unlimited government is when a single person or group of people has total power to rule over a geographical area.

Is it true that single people were given inexpensive lodgings by the government in puritan new England?

No they were not