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Great Britain was the Mother Country of the 13 American Colonies that are now part of the US. Other countries that had colonies in the Americas include Russia, France and Spain. Some of these former colonies (Alaska, Louisianas, Texas, California, etc.) are also part of today's US, though they were not part of the original 13 states.

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At one point, each of the original thirteen colonies belonged to England. They were not called the United States at the time, but got that title after independence in 1776.

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Q: Which united states colonies belonged to mother country?
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What colonial states practiced assimilation and the teaching of the mother country's language for their colonies?


Which country does Hamilton belong to?

Alexander Hamilton belonged to the United States. He was born in the West Indies but immigrated to the American colonies as a teenager and became one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

What is mother country of the US?

The United States, as it exists today, has no single mother country. It is descended, rather, from all the European countries, along with Africa and Asia.

What one of the thirteen colonies has the nickname '' mother of states ''?


What is the relationship between the colonies and the states?

The 13 original colonies were "colonies" because they were territories of the country of Great Britain. They became states when they declared independence from GB.

When your country first began how many states did you have?

The 13 colonies

When did America became a country how many states were there?

There were no states yet,though there were thirteen colonies.

What European country had the most colonies in the world?

The United States had the most colonies back in the 1900's.

What was englands economic policy towards the colonies where the colonies provided raw materials to England who manufactured goods to be sold back to the colonies?

The English economic policy toward the colonies was called mercantilism. Mercantilism basically states that the colonies exist for the good of the mother country and have no rights except what the mother country grants. This policy was not workable because of the great distance between England and the New World. The great distance forced the colonists to create their own government, and create their own rights, legal system, etc.

How were the 13 colonies different from the 13 states?

The colonies were wend by England, when they won there independence they were a totally different country so they wewre called states.

What colonial states practiced assimilation and the teachings of the mother countries language for their colonies?


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