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Q: Which us presidents wfe had same maiden name as her husband?
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What is your mothers maiden name?

It's the name she had before she was married. In most cases, your mother's maiden name will be the same as the last name of your maternal grandfather (your mother's father).

Who are two presidents that have the same name as an automobile?

Gerald Ford is the only one of the presidents whos name is the same as an automobile.

What was Abraham Lincoln's wife's sister's hausband's maiden name?

Same as his wife's

What do mean by mother's maiden name?

They mean that before your mother married your father, what was her last name?

What was the Presidents Name in 1975?

same as today

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and what TV character had the same maiden name?

Marge Simpson

Why is pattie mallettes parents last name dale?

Only patties mom has facebook not her father. Patties moms facebook last name is dale because it is her maiden name, same as pattie, mallette is her maiden name not bieber.

Can I go back to my maiden name if I am still in the process of getting a divorce?

You can change your name back to your maiden name legally as a part of the divorce decree. If you would like to change your name back while the divorce is pending, you must go through a legal name change procedure.

Presidents that had the same name in the 17th and 18th centrey?

NONE, sorry

What two presidents of the United States that have the same last name?


What is a maiden name?

In the English-speaking world, until recently it was the universal custom that upon marriage the woman would take the surname of her husband. Before marriage, she would use the surname of her father. When a woman was not married, she was a "maiden," a woman who never had sexual relations. So the "maiden name" of a woman is the surname she used before marriage, usually that of her father. Your mother's maiden name is the surname your mother used before she ever married, and is thus her father's (your maternal grandfather's) surname. Before computers were widely used for activities such as genealogy and fan gossip, knowledge of the maiden name of one's mother was not readily available to people outside the immediate family. That name was therefore used as a security device by banks and other institutions. When you opened an account, you gave them your mother's maiden name. Later, if you needed to change the account, your knowledge of your mothers maiden name helped to assure them that you were, in fact, the valid account holder. Now that genealogies are widely posted on the Internet this is a much less secure method of identification. If a woman never marries, her maiden name remains the same. e.g. her birth name, e.g. the name of her legal father.

Do you have to notify anybody if your married name is the same as your maiden name?

Probably your parents, I dont think they'll approve of you marrying your sibling.