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3/4 facing portrait

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Q: Which was the most often shown in painting of George Washington?
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Who are in the picture of the Declaration of Independence. The one with 48 men are shown?

Alexander hamilton, George Washington, thomas Jefferson

What were the names of George Washington's Family?

George Washington (1732-1799) was the son of Augustine Washinton Sr. (1694-1743)and Augustine's second wife, Mary Ball Washington (1708-1789). George had two older half-brothers, Lawrence (1718-1752) and Augustine Washington, Jr. (1720-1762). He had five younger siblings by his mother, Mary Ball Washington, two sisters and three brothers : * Betty (later Betty Washington Lewis)- (1733-1797) * Samuel - (1734-1781) * John Augustine - (1736-1787) * Charles - (1738-1799) * Mildred (died in infancy) - (1739-1740) As shown, none of his brothers and sisters outlived him, his brother Charles dying three months before George's death. Washington had seven nieces and nephews by his brother Samuel, who was married five times. His brother John's son, Bushrod Washington (1762-1829), inherited Mount Vernon and became a Supreme Court Justice. George married Martha Dandridge Custis (1731-1802) on January 6, 1759. She had two living children, John Custis (Jacky) and Martha Custis (Patsy). Patsy died in 1774. After the death of John (Jacky) at the end of the Revolutionary War, George and Martha informally adopted Martha's grandchildren Eleanor (Nelly 1779-1852)) and George Washington Parke Custis (1781-1857). Martha Washington's great-granddaughter, Mary Anna, married Robert E. Lee. Both Robert E. Lee and Martha's great-great-grandson, George Washington Custis Lee (1832-1913) were generals in the Confederate army. George Washington's step-daughter-in-law Eleanor had nine other children, seven with her second husband, Dr. David Stuart.

Why did the artist paint George Washington standing in front of the delegates?

They don't. At least one famous painting and several statues show him on horseback. And you can't tell if he's standing in the well-known head-and-shoulders portraits, but most likely he posed seated. However, a standing pose is appropriate to a leader. Being shown standing tall and larger than life, just lilke the Eurpoean kings, inspires the people to look up to him. Many people might see the portraits who were never going to see him any other way; the camera had not yet been invented in Washington's time, never mind television or film.

Is George Washington on the US 10 dollar bill?

George Washington's picture hasn't appeared on any standard-issue US $10 bills. A portrait of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, has been used since 1928. Before that many other individuals including Benjamin Franklin, Lewis and Clark, and Daniel Webster were featured. Note that all current American bills have captions on them identifying the person pictured on the front and the scene or building on the back, so it's easy to find out who and what are shown simply by looking in your wallet.

Which president is pictured on the US 10000 dollar bill?

No president was on the $10,000 bill. That denomination, discontinued in 1945, carried a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury during Abraham Lincoln's first term (1861-1864)

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In the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware how is Washington shown crossing the Delaware?

In a Boat

Which presidents picture is shown on the 1 dollar bill?

George Washington.

What was the tally of votes shown for George Washington?

George Washington received 100% of the electoral votes and was unanimously elected President in 1789 and 1792.

What president is shown on the quarter?

George Washington, the first US president, is on the US quarter dollar coin.

Who are in the picture of the Declaration of Independence. The one with 48 men are shown?

Alexander hamilton, George Washington, thomas Jefferson

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Saint George is often shown killing a dragon. This is a pure myth as dragons do not exist. Perhaps he killed some other animal, such as a crocodile.

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Which president is on the us 1 dollar bill?

George Washington. Note that all modern US currency has captions on each side that identify the person shown on the front and the scene depicted on the back.

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