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The etymology and association.

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Where was the beat movement centered?

The Beat movement was centered around New York, when groups of modernistic and restless artists and poets started creating works of art that differed from what was popular at the time.

Did George Washington smoke marijuana?

No one knows for certain if George Washington did smoke weed, however he did grow hemp at his Mt. Vernon home in Virginia. His diary mentions the growing of hemp and the separation of the male and female plant.Washington once said: "Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, sow it everywhere."There is no actual evidence he did, however, many famous leaders, poets and musicians from that time era smoked pot as it was no more frowned upon than a cigarette and was completely legal and cultivated. So it's completely possible and likely.

What is porpuses of writing?

Writing ls language in text, it is a reliable means for transmitting information. It is a dependable way of keeping records. It is a story in the form of text for poets, novelists and playwrights, it records the complexity of trade, its records our past, and our hopes and aspirations for the future.

Who has helped to shape Australia from 1788 onwards?

Australia has been shaped by a number of different groups of people and individuals through the years. First credit, of course, belongs to the indigenous people, the first Australians, also known as the Aborigines. they owned the land: their spirituality is present still in so many ways. Following them, the convicts shaped Australia, as they were the early builders of the colony, and the ones who, when they were given free pardons, took risks and built their farms and businesses with limited support. The Irish convict rebels brought their own brand of individuality, and the attitude that questioned authority. Soon after this, a new mix of people was added: the "currency lads and lasses", or the native-born whites who had freedom, independence, and a determination not to kowtow to the British aristocracy. Free settlers brought their own influences from Britain, as did the various other cultural groups who migrated from their European homelands for various reasons, in the 1800s. Each cultural group brought their own knowledge and skills, helping contribute to the great agricultural history of our country. The explorers were particularly significant for the way they opened up new land, found new stock and trade routes, and filled in the missing information about what lay in Australia's interior. The gold-diggers also brought a new wave of cultural influence with them. The Eureka Stockade on the Ballarat goldfields in 1854 saw the birth of Australian democracy, certainly shaping Australia's political future. Later on, the shearers also had a hand in the development of Australian democracy and politics, with the Great Shearers' Strike of 1891. Other politicians such as Sir Henry Parkes, who really pushed for Federation, also helped shaped Australia. Authors, painters and poets such as A.B.'Banjo' Paterson, Henry Lawson, Hal Gye, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Steele Rudd and many others also shaped the direction of Australian patriotism and the search for an individual identity apart from Great Britain. The ANZACs' influence cannot be ignored - those hundreds of thousands of brave young men who went out to fight on behalf of their new, young country, some never returning. Their stories of mateship still endure, in the ethos that Australians should always "stand by their mates".

What did the beatniks do?

Beatnik was the "cool cat" of his time, daddy-o. Into jazz, coffee houses, intellectual pursuits, writers, poets, part of the "beat generation". The beatnik's "home base" was in Greenwich Village section of New York City in the mid to late 1950's. Yes jazz was the type of music they seemed to prefer. In one sense they were the forerunners of the Hippies of the 1960's. The beatniks did not, on the surface have any political agenda. The other characteristics mentioned in the original answer are true. They did these things and led a life style that was considered not the "norm". As example, Jazz had existed before the "beat" generation. The new Jazz bands created their own non-contructed aspect of Jazz that fit into their own life styles. This was not the jazz of Billie Holiday. They new jazz was personified in bands such as the Dave Brubeck Quartet. While the Hippies' long hair was their signature appearance, the beatniks' beret was their signature apparel. The beatniks also drew criticism from mainstream America because they became associated with the use of marijuana and the presumed nature of "free sex" among them.

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Did Arthur Rimbaud influence other poets?

Difficult to answer. Some influenced poets may admit it, but, some may not.

What has the author Heather L Clark written?

Heather L. Clark has written: 'The grief of influence' -- subject(s): Grief in literature, Influence, English Poets, Criticism and interpretation, Biography, American Poets

What is a school of poets?

A school of poets refers to a group of poets who share a common style, ideology, or approach to writing poetry. These poets often influence and inspire each other, creating a collective body of work that reflects their shared values and beliefs. Examples include the Romantic poets, the Beat Generation poets, and the Harlem Renaissance poets.

Which value did romantic poets write about?

Romantic poets often wrote about nature, imagination, emotion, and individual expression. They sought to tap into the power of the natural world, explore the depths of their emotions, and champion the importance of individual experience and creativity.

what value did Romantic poets write about often?

individual experience and strong emotions

Why did West African poets compose praise poems?

To gain influence over the poem's subject

What value did Romantic poets write most often?

individual experience and strong emotions

Who and what did William Wordsworth influence?

William Wordsworth influenced the Romantic poets of his time, such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He is also credited with shaping the development of English Romantic poetry as a whole and emphasizing the importance of nature, emotion, and individual experience in literature.

Which would a romantic poets likely write about?

Walking on a country road apex

What was Tim bowlers favourite poets?

Tim Bowler has cited T.S. Eliot and Dylan Thomas as some of his favorite poets. Their work has been noted to influence his writing style and themes in his novels.

Is word choice a poetic device?

Yes, word choice is a poetic device that allows poets to convey specific emotions, create vivid imagery, and set the tone of a poem. By carefully selecting words for their connotations, sounds, and rhythm, poets can enhance the overall impact and meaning of their work.

Theorist divided the poets into strong and weak?

This statement reflects a common idea in literary theory that categorizes poets based on the strength of their writing and themes. Strong poets are considered to be those who have a profound impact on their readers and society, while weak poets may lack depth or originality in their work. This classification is subjective and can vary depending on individual perspectives and preferences.