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William Tavington was the Butcher in the American Revolution. He was important becasue he killed all the colonial soldiers, wonded or not.

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Q: Who Is William Tavington And why was he important to the Revolutionary War?
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How important was William gladstone in the Revolutionary War?

Not important in any way that I can think of, as William Gladstone was not born until long after the Revolutionary War ended.

How did William Dawes contribute to the Revolutionary War?

William Dawes had a very important role during the Revolutionary War. He was one of the many people that warned of approaching British troops.

Who were important Europeans in the revolutionary War?

The British, Germans and the French were the important Europeans in the revolutionary war.

William Howe in the Revolutionary War?

yes he was

What role did William Prescott play in the revolutionary war?

William Prescott was important to the Revolutionary War because he was loyaltie, had bravery, and willing to take the effort in risking his life.

Was William howe important in the American revolutionary war?

William Howe was definitely not part of the American Revolution!! Trust me, I'm learning about this stuff right now!!

Who is William Thomas Emerson?

he was a revolutionary war patriot

What was the important of lexington and concord?

It was the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

What was America's most important war?

The revolutionary war.

Were there any important wars in the Revolutionary War?

There were no wars happening within the Revolutionary War. The only actual war that was going on at this exact time and place was the Revolutionary War.

Was the Civil War or Revolutionary war more important for America?

There are both very important to America. But The Revolutionary I think is a little more important because it started America, but the civil war almost ended America and did for a few years but the Revolutionary War is more important

What year was Thomas Jefferson important to the Revolutionary War?

Thomas Jefferson was in the Revolutionary War the year of 1812.