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In the absence of the Vice President then the Speaker of the House would next in line for the presidential line of succession. Then it would go to president pro tempore of the senate and then secretary of state.

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Q: Who acts in the absence of the vice president?
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Who serves as President in the absence of the president?

The vice president!!

What Serves As President Of The US In His Absence?

The Vice President

Who serves as the president of the Senator in his absence?

The Vice President

Serves as president of the senate in his absence?


In the absence of both president and vice president who will officiates as president?

The Speaker of the House

Who acted as Indian president in the absence of president and vice president?

The prime minister.

Who acts as a president of senate?

The Vice-President

Acts as president of the state?

vice president

Servers as president of the United States in his absence?

That would be the vice-president.

When do the vice president gets the same money pay as the president?

when the vice president in the seat of president in the absence of the president, at that time the vice president will become eligible for getting the same salary of president.

How can you qualify for the vice president's job?

"To qualify for the vice president of a company, one has to have good overall knowledge of what goes on in the company. The vice president has to act in the president's absence on occasion."

In the vice president absence the presiding officer of the senate is the?

president pro tempore