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Q: Who allocates portfolios to all the ministers?
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How do the shadow ministers get information about their portfolios?

shadow ministers do work for the government

Who makes up the cabinet in Australia?

Ministers with the most senior portfolios

What are the name of the ministers of government in anguilla and state their portfolios?

Jerome Roberts

How could it be said that ministers in a parliamentary government system have double role in the state?

In Australia some portfolios are duplicated, for example the Commonwealth and all states have a minister for Education and a Minister for Health.

What is collective responsibility?

One of the unique features of the parliamentary form of government is the principle of Collective Responsibility. It means that the Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to Parliament. You can also say this that Collective responsibility is giving portfolios (areas of responsibilities) to the Council of Ministers.

What is the plural from of portfolio?

The plural of portfolio is "portfolios".

What is National Ministers Day about?

National Ministers Day is about Churches celabrating all the Ministers in the Nation and how all the Ministers teached us all about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!!

Do all ministers shout and speak in tongues?

All do not; many pentecostal ministers do.

List of health ministers of India?

health ministers of india i meant that the all health ministers of all states

What do ministers of justice do?

in Ireland not very much like all the other ministers they are all useless here

Names of all 2010 current federal and state ministers of Nigeria?

the name of all the ministers in Nigeria

Who is the preachers of all Christians?

Different sects of Christianity have different ministers. There is no one over all ministers.