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The Software Development Process is concurrent with the Systems Engineering Process

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Q: Who approves Realignment of funds between activities that are below the level of control for that appropriations category which does not require a reprogramming action?
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What provides the money for each program or activity that congress approves?

Appropriations bills.

Who maintains army and navy?

In the United States, the Army and the Navy is maintained by appropriations from Congress. The Defense Department submits a budget and the Congress approves or disapproves.

Who approves bank mergers?

The FDIC approves bank mergers.

Who authorizes the spending after the office of management and budget?

After the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the spending must be authorized by Congress through the budget appropriation process. Congress reviews and approves funding levels for various government programs and agencies through the passage of appropriations bills.

Who appoints cabinets members and who approves them?

the president appoints and the senate approves

How often does congress approves a budget?

Congress approves an annual budget.

What is the senate check on appointments of federal judges?

The Senate has no check on the appointments of federal judges.

If the president approves a law is it official?

Yes, If the president approves a law, then it is then a true law.

Who approves offices space for house members?

The speaker approves the space and seniority counts.

What is the complete predicate for the sentence The dean of the language department at Isabel's university approves?


Who decides how much people should pay in taxes?

Congress decides what the tax rate should be for different levels of income. They also approve any tax refunds even though the President may recommend it or ask for it. Congress approves all appropriations. You determine how much taxes you owe by filling out the personal tax forms.

Who approves the federal budget?

The senate approves federal budgets. The House doesn't have this power, only the senate. Hope it helps!