Who are afrikaners?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Peoples who had come from Africa are called Afrikaners were descendants of Boers who in turn were descendants of Dutch settlers who come

from Holland

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Q: Who are afrikaners?
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What languages are spoken by Afrikaners?

By definition, Afrikaners speak Afrikaans.

Are the Boers called afrikaners?

Yes, Afrikaners antecedents were boers.

Are the boers now call afrikaners?

Yes, Afrikaners antecedents were boers.

What region of Africa is where Afrikaners live?

There are no such things as Afrikaners. They do not exist. there are indiginous people from the South of Africa who are Africans. Dutch people are Afrikaners (false)

What do the Afrikaners have to do with the apartheid?

The Afrikaners were the people who had moved to Africa. they were the white people who had started the Apartheid.

Is afrikaners the same as afrikaans?

No. Afrikaners are Boers, South Africans of Dutch ancestry. Afrikaans is their language.

Where do Afrikaners live?

South Africa

Afrikaners are of what country?

African continent

What do Afrikaners drink?

Brandy and Coke.

What was the continent of which the boers and afrikaners settled on?


What country do afrikaners populate?

South Africa.

What country do the afrikaners live in?

South Africa.