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I am a female who collects ink (LOVE IT!). To answer your question, Thomas Edison, Queen Victoria, Lady Churchill (Mrs. Winston Churchill), JFK Jr., Britney Spears,Ben Affleck, the late Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, all the members of KORN, POD, Godsmack, and oh so many more.

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Q: Who are some famous people with tattoos?
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What famous people have tattoos?

Many famous people are known to have tattoos. Some include Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Melanie Griffin, Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears.

What famous people have face tattoos?

Some examples of famous people who have face tattoos include rapper Gucci Mane, who has an ice-cream cone tattooed on his face, and boxer Mike Tyson who has a Maori tattoo.

Do any famous people not have tattoos?

Some famous people do but not all. Like Taylor Swift does not have a tattoo. But i think Lady Gaga does have a tattoo!

How is tattoo viewed?

There is a bit of a stigma or personal taste issue when it comes to tattoos, some people like them some don't. Some people view tattoos as being a criminal or gangster when that isn't always the case. Some people get tattoos to remember some one or some thing special, some people get tattoos of things they like or because they think tattoos are cool.

Why people get tattoos?

Many people get tattoos because they may symbolize something that is special or important to them. Some people get tattoos because they like some of the cool designs. I have a tattoo of my initials on my wrist.

What are some designs people choose as permanent makeup tattoos on their skin?

There are many popular designs people choose as permanent makeup tattoos on their skin. Examples of designs people choose as permanent makeup tattoos on their skin include lip liner tattoos, eyeshadow tattoos, and lipstick tattoos.

What are some awesome clown tattoos?

Many people around the world have some awesome tattoos, including clown tattoos. Most tattoo parlors will have examples of clown tattoos. The best clown tattoos are the ones that are more personalized to the person.

Why do some people dislike tattoos?

it does damage to the skin Some are tasteless and should not be seen by children. Some tattoos are a work of art. The colors fade with age. Tattoos gotten on a whim last for a life time.

What role do tattoos and piercings have at work?

They shouldn't have any role when it comes to a job. Some employers don't care what you do with your body as long as you can be professional on the job. But some people can be intimidated by tattoos or judgemental of some one that has tattoos.

Why do people get nasty tattoos?

I think not all tattoos are "nasty" and it's a personal choice. Some people consider them to be works of art. People get tattoos for a bunch of reasons, the next time you see a tattoo you can always ask them why they got it.

DoEs Steven Tyler have tattoos?

Steven has many tattoos, his most famous is his "Ma Kin" tattoo.

Does Rihanna do tattoos?

She has tattoos, but she doesn't give other people tattoos.