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Barack Obama, shourav saha,

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Q: Who are some good community leaders at present?
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Who are some good leaders from the present?

This is difficult to judge in the present, only history shows who was and was not a great leader.

Is there a religon that has no leaders?

Some forms of Buddhism, such as Theravada Buddhism, do not have a central governing authority or hierarchy of leaders. Instead, authority is often decentralized and can vary from community to community.

Who are some good leaders of the past and present?

Good leaders of the past would be obvious people like Gandhi or Martin Luther King. John. F. Kennedy was a good leader in America before he was killed. I feel Margaret Thatcher was a good leader in England when she was prime minister. Nelson Mandela played an important part in south African history. Present day leaders are harder to spot. just find someone who you look up to, then they are a good leader because you are following them and you respect them and they are making an impact on your life. a history teacher will be able to help you more.

Who Are Some Of The Present Day Leaders Of Andorra?

Co-Princess Jacques Chriac and Joan Marti Alanis.

What are some good world leaders today and their impacts?

some good world leaders today are Julia gillard opra Winfrey Barack Obama Kevin Rudd john howard

What did community leaders and families do about the Holocaust?

Once the ban on emigration from Germany and German-controlled territory came into force (mid October 1941), there was virtually nothing that families could. As for 'community leaders', some of them reluctantly collaborated or, more accurately were forced to collaborate.

What the good things and the bad thing about community?

Some good things about a community is that social interaction creates the feeling of people being part and parcel of that community. A negative aspect is that some people don't feel part of the community, so they don't contribute anything significant to the maintenance of the community structure.

Who are some bad leaders of the past and present?

Some outstandingly bad leaders of the past include Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Josheph Stalin, Mao Tse Dong, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussein. At present the worst leader still in power is Kim Jong Il of North Korea.

Community leaders names who died?

I'm guessing you'd like me too list the names of leaders who now live peacefully in Starclan.ThunderstarWindstarShadowstarRiverstarBluestarCrookedstarRaggedstarNightstarTigerstarTallstarOK look here are the "main" leaders I know some in Bluestar's Prohecy but they aren't "main" leaders so I will leave them out.Oh yeah the dreadful Brokenstar

Who are some feared leaders who did good and not bad?

Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great  

What were some of the problems by leaders of India and Pakistan?

In the past and at present political leaders across the border never understand each other. It seems as if they are born enemies. Its Derby

Who are some examples of democratic leaders?

modern political leaders are good examples (Tony Blair, Geogrge Bush, Sarcosie, JFK, David cameron)