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Mark Ridley, Alan Graffen,Jerry Coyne, Donald R, Prothero, Sean B. Carrol and Richard Dawkins to name a few.

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All of them.

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Q: Who are some scientists who believe in evolution?
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What percentage of Americans believe in evolution?

Accept. " Believe in " has connotations that do not fit the rational mind well. I have heard a range of figures. Many fence sitters and theist evolution types here. Anywhere from 14% to 25% of the US population accepts evolutionary theory.

What are some of the problems with Devolution?

There is no such thing as devolution, it is always evolution taking place, devolution is just a new word that usually spreads a very naive misconception about the evolution of man. About problems, can you please clarify your question? I personally find it incomprehensible.

Did Hitler believe in evolution?

Yes. However, he also believed the Earth to be round. Nazism utilized eugenics, which derives from the fact that nature selects certain genes for reproduction and others for death. He wanted to breed humans much in the way that people breed bananas or dogs, for example. His personal beliefs (and actions) in this regard were in no way justified by the theory of evolution, which simply explains the diversity of life on the planet. Nazism is an exmaple of gross misunderstanding of the theory of evolution and moreover its implications.

Define the biological process of evolution?

Biological evolution is the change of animal and plant life over time. Biological evolution is used to explain changes in finch beaks for example.

What does this mean its a evolution not revolution?

Evolution is small changes made naturally over a period of time. Revolution is sudden forced change.

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Are all scientists who believe that evolution is correct atheists?

No, some actually profess faith even despite the truth. That is fine.

When did scientist believe chemical evolution occur?

Scientists believe that chemical evolution occurred around 3.5 billion years ago.

What scientists believe in evolution?

Virtually all of the scientists in life-science related fields, and most of the rest.

When did scientists believe that chemical evolution occurred?

Scientists have believed that chemical evolution occurred about 4 billion years ago, shortly after the formation of the Earth. This process is thought to have led to the development of the first life forms on our planet.

At the beginning of the universe scientists believe that stellar evolution contained only what two elements?

Scientist believe that stellar evolution contained only hydrogen and then helium.

Do scientists believe man was created by God or that they just evolved?

Different scientists hold different beliefs. Many scientists accept the theory of evolution as a scientific explanation for the diversity of life on Earth. However, there are also scientists who believe in theistic evolution, which posits that evolution is a process guided by a higher power, such as God. Ultimately, beliefs about the origins of humans vary among scientists.

What proof is there for human evolution?

Well scientists believe that we evolved from the Apes, think of the era of the cave men that might give you some idea of what i mean.

Do scientists believe that extinctions are uncommon?

No, they are fundamental to the process of evolution. Mass extinctions are less common.

How long ago do scientists believe chemical evolution occured?

Some time after the first stars lit off, so about 13.5 billion years ago.

Why do scientists believe the platypus is an important clue in the history of evolution?

because they think they are smart in past history

What field of scienWhere do scientists believe chemical evolution occurred?

toyota supra and hayden copes hair duuuuuuuude

Do young scientists believe in creation or evolution?

It depends on the scientist's religious beliefs and philosophical views. It is possible to believe in Creationism (if that is what you are referring to) while still subscribing to the Theory of Evolution. Contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive; although some definitions of evolution are incompatible with creationism.