Who are the Hutus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Hutus are a group of members from a Bantu farming group of Rwanda and Burundi in Central America.

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the ethnic majority of Rwanda

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Q: Who are the Hutus?
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Who killed the Tutsi in Rwanda?

The Hutus

What two tribes fought a war in Rwanda and Burindi?

Tutsis & Hutus

What was the polarization of the Cambodian genocide?

Hutus had a radio (RTLM) that broadcasted how the Hutus should kill the Tutsis

Who supplied the hutus with weapons?

Countries such as USA, Europe and China all supplied the Hutus with their weapons

How did the hutus kill tutsis?

the hutus chopped the tutsis' achiles tendon (at the back of the heel) and left them there. the tutsis couldn't move so the hutus came back later to finish them off.

What happened in Rwanda after it gained independence from European colonizers?

It is definitely:A. The majority Hutus took control of the country.The majority hutus slauightered the minority tutsis

Who were the hutus and tutsi's?


Were the Hutus or tutsis the protagonist in the rwanda genocide?

The tutsis were the victims, so if I understand the question they were the protagonists and the Hutus were the antagonists.

What two groups have fought in Rwanda and Burundi?

A. xhoxa, Yoruba or b, Muslims, Christians or C, Flemish, Walloons or D) Huntus, Tutsis or E) Rwandians, Burundians

Who were the aggressors in the Rwanda genocide?

The Hutus

What event started the Rwandan Genocide?

the hutus wanted more political power and at the time the tutsi were president at the time and the hutus were resentful

Who was involved with the Rwanda genocide?

The Hutus were told to kill the Tutsi population by the Hutus controlling Rwanadan radio,and the Hutus take up 84% of the Rwanda Pop., and the Tutsis only 14%. So the Tutsis didn't really stand a chance