Who are the magyars?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The people of Hungary.

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Q: Who are the magyars?
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What country do the Magyars belong?

The magyars belonged to Hungary! So Simple!!!

From what part of Europe did the Magyars come?

Magyars originate from the Ural Mountains.

About 95 percent of Hungarian people are descended from which group?

The Magyars

Whose demands were met by the Austrian emperor?

Magyars and Czechs.s.e.g.

Are Hungarians descendents of magyars?

yes it is also the nation with the most citizens descended from the Magyars

Are Hungarians descendants of the Magyars?

yes it is also the nation with the most citizens descended from the Magyars

How would you make a sentence using the word Magyars?

The Magyars are wanting to visit us next weekend.

What threatened the unity and peace in Europe during the dual monarchy?

the Magyars' attempt to destroy ethnic identity

Who were the Magyars?

The Sumerians and the Scythians

Did the magyars use ships in their invasions?


What country did the Magyars come from?


What do the Aryans and Magyars have in common?

The Magyars were Aryans. Both groups were powerful warriors. The Magyars conquered almost all of Europe, as far as Spain and the Atlantic. The Magyars had blond hair and blue eyes. Modern Magyars/Hungarians have blue eyes and blond hair and genetics show that modern Hungarian genes are basically the same as ancient Magyar genes and that Magyars have the largest amount of ancient pre-Indo-European genes so blond hair and blue eyes in Magyars come from ancient Magyars of the Carpathian Basin, not Slavs. Even in modern Hungary, where Slavic last names are fairly common, Slavic genes are 5%, Transylvania and small towns have only Magyar last name, so probably even less Slavic genes and they look the same as the other Magyars. The ancient Magyars used the swastika symbol in ancient times, obviously the swastika is not even in German culture, Hitler brought it to Germany.