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There were more than just 8. There were: Conneticut - William Samuel Johnson & Roger Sherman. Maryland - Daniel Carroll, James McHenry, & Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer. New Jersey - David Brearley, Jonathon Dayton William, William Livingston, & William Paterson. Pennsylvania - George Clymer, Thomas Fitzsimons, Benjamin Franklin, Jared Ingersoll, Thomas Mifflin, Gouverneur Morris, Robert Morris, & James Wilson. Virginia - John Blair, James Madison, & George Washington. Massachusetts - Nathaniel Gorham & Rufus King. New York - Alexander Hamilton. South Carolina - Pierce Butler, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Charles Pinckney, & John Rutledge. Delaware - Richard Bassett, Gunning Bedford, Jr., Jacob Broom, John Dickinson, and George Reed. Georgia - Abraham Baldwin & William Few. New Hampshire - Nicholas Gilman & John Langdon. North Carolina - William Blount, William Richardson, Richard Dobbs Spaight, & Hugh Williamson. Rhode Island - Sent no delegates to the convention. ** These aren't everyone that came to the convention, these are some/most of the people that actually signed.

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"Done in convention by the unanimous consent of the states present the seventeenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven and of the independence of the United States of America the twelfth.

In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,

G. Washington-Presidt. and deputy from Virginia

New Hampshire: John Langdon, Nicholas Gilman

Massachusetts: Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King

Connecticut: Wm: Saml. Johnson, Roger Sherman

New York: Alexander Hamilton

New Jersey: Wil: Livingston, David Brearly, Wm. Paterson, Jona: Dayton

Pennsylvania: B. Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robt. Morris, Geo. Clymer, Thos. FitzSimons, Jared Ingersoll, James Wilson, Gouv Morris

Delaware: Geo: Read, Gunning Bedford jun, John Dickinson, Richard Bassett, Jaco: Broom

Maryland: James McHenry, Dan of St Thos. Jenifer, Danl Carroll

Virginia: John Blair--, James Madison Jr.

North Carolina: Wm. Blount, Richd. Dobbs Spaight, Hu Williamson

South Carolina: J. Rutledge, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Charles Pinckney, Pierce Butler

Georgia: William Few, Abr Baldwin

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John Blair James Madison George Washington Benjamin Franklin Alexander Hamilton

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Q: Who are the ten people who signed the constitution?
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Who were the 13 people that signed the bill of rights?

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments that were added to the Constitution after being ratified by the states; they weren't signed by anyone.

What country is Thomas Jefferson in when the constitution is signed.?


Who were 5 people that signed the constitution?


Who were the five people that signed the US Constitution?

there were ore people than 5 who signed the US constitution. The main people who signed it are George Washington, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, etc.

How many people sighned the constitution?

28 people signed it

How many people from Georgia signed the constitution?

Only Two men from Georgia signed the US constitution

Who were the main signers of the U.S. Constitution?

James Madison George Washington Benjamin Franklin

The number of amendments the Congress added top the Constitution as soon as it was signed was?

The first ten (The Bill of Rights.)

How many amendments are written in the constitution?

42 people signed it

What are the names of the people from each state who signed the US Constitution?

New York- only HamiltonIt's just not new york that signed it, there are 12 more colonies and there are 36 or 38 people that signed the Constitution of United States of America

How many individuals signed the Constitution?

39 delegates signed the US Constitution.

What was the constitution of the US famous for?

the 55 people that signed it. and American freedom