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The top ten oldest U.S. Presidents while in office were...

  1. Ronald Reagan (77.9)
  2. Donald Trump (70.6 on 20 Jan 2017)
  3. Dwight D. Eisenhower (70.2)
  4. Andrew Jackson (69.9)
  5. James Buchanan (69.8)
  6. Harry Truman (68.7)
  7. George H. W. Bush (68.6)
  8. William Henry Harrison (68.1)
  9. James Monroe (66.8)
  10. James Madison (65.9)

The top ten oldest U.S. Presidents after leaving office were/are, as of 5 Jun 2015,...

  1. Gerald R. Ford (93.4)
  2. Ronald Reagan (93.3)
  3. George H. W. Bush (90.9 on 5 Jun 2015; living)
  4. Jimmy Carter (90.6 on 5 Jun 2015; living)
  5. John Adams (90.6)
  6. Herbert Hoover (90.1)
  7. Harry Truman (88.6)
  8. James Madison (85.2)
  9. Thomas Jefferson (83.2)
  10. Richard Nixon (81.2)
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Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington .

I would remove Kennedy and Johnson from the list and would agonize over Franklin Roosevelt. Kennedy did not have time to do much and although his brinkmanship made for high drama, I question its value. Also his extra-marital affairs would probably gotten him impeached if he had served a second term. Johnson's great society had some good effects, but the Vietnam War was so costly and futile that it undid his chance for greatness. FDR was similar to Johnson- he had some good ideas and was a master at getting his way, but he also did a lot of harm that hurt the country for many years. I would add James Madison and James Monroe to the list and think hard about adding Cleveland, Eisenhower, Jackson and/or Reagan and maybe removing Clinton, Wilson and/or Truman. James Polk was tremendously effective in his one term and although the war with Mexico seems unjust to lovers of Mexico, not many really want to return Texas and California and the land between to its "rightful" owners.

Of course, the answer is very much a matter of opinion. People differ as to what they expect a good president to do as well as the facts, if any, on which they base their opinion. Some people give high marks to powerful presidents that produced large changes in the country positive or negative and give low marks to presidents that stayed the course even if the course was a good one for the nation. Some people grade on popularity or on personal likes and dislikes rather than performance. Most people have very little knowledge of history, so public opinion polls always rank recent presidents higher than those in the distant past.

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Samntha Gomez, Adam Burman, Valentina Gomez, Katie Stept and Madison Rubinstein

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Q: Who are the top ten oldest presidents?
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