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the two people who are in the the legislative branch is i dont know srry

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Q: Who are two people who were currently serving in the legislative branch?
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Who are two people currently serving in the Judicial Branch?

god and chicken

What is the Legislative responsible for?

The legislative branch is for people.

What branch of the government is the voice of the people?

The Legislative Branch

Who from the legislative branch goes to the inauguration?

all of the people from the legislative branch go such as the vice president

What is a good sentence using legislative branch?

The legislative branch at the whitehouse contained many people.

What is legislation for?

The legislative branch is for people.

How are people chosen to serve in each branch?

The Judicial Branch is nominated by the Executive Branch, with the concurrance of the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch are appointed by the President once he has been elected. The Legislative Branch is elected by the people.

Are members of the legislative branch chosen by the president?

False, they are not. The people vote them in.

What are the people in the legislative branch called?


What is responsible for legislation?

The legislative branch is for people.

The legislative branch is elected by whom?

The legislative branch is electected by the people in a direct democracy The legislative branch of the US government is made up of the senate and house of representatives. These individuals are elected by the people who reside in the area they are to have responsibility over.

How does the legislative branch represent the people the most?

The legislative branch represents the people because the members of that branch are elected by the people. Their job is to pass laws, including laws which allocate the spending of public funds.