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How are the ideas of checks and balances displayed in Federalist #51?

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Q: Who argued that If men were angels no government would be necessary?
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If angels were to govern men?

It is a James Madison quotation. 'If men were angels, no government would be necessary' 'If angels were to govern men, neither external or internal controls on government would be necessary'

What is the meaning of the quote If men were Angels no government would be necessary?

If men were angels no one would do anything bad to hurt someone. So no government would be necessary.

Who wrote If men were angels no government would be necessary?

James Madison

What does James Madison mean when he said if men were angels no government would be necessary?

He meant that if people didnt do any crimes there would be no need to make laws and have a government.

How does the quote If men were as angles no government would be necessary apply to the six basic principles of the constitution?

Because if we were angles we would be ok to some degree. (bad pun there, you misspelt angels)Because if men were angels then we wouldn't be real and there would be no constitution.Because if men were angels we wouldn't need a government to control us as we'd be perfect and law abiding

What was a major point made in the Federalist Papers?

They wanted a strong central government. Study Island. (;

If men were angels no government would be necessary what does that mean?

The holy angels of God are perfect. They don't do anything wrong. So what the quote means is that if we were all angels, there would be no crime, and therefore no need for government, we'd all do just exactly what we should do. We would not need a government to rule us, because we'd be doing what we should without anyone human telling us what to do and not to do. The implication, in this answer is correct, as far as it goes. However, the initial premise, made by Madison, in the Federalist Papers #51, and stated in the above answer, is wrong. Angels, as originally created by GOD, were not perfect, not incapable of wrongdoing. Lucifer, was the highest angel, yet he committed (still committs) the highest sin. He attempted(s) to make himself equal with GOD. Angels were obviously given free will, to make choices, just as mankind, who the Bible states, is a "little lower than the angels." Hence, angels would not govern any better than man, as evidenced by the evil that came into the world, through Lucifer's choice, and the angels who followed him.

Who said if men were angels laws would not be necessary?

James Madison

Why is it necessary for the country to have a government?

its necessary for a country to have a government because technically there would be no control

Charles Beard argued what?

Charles Beard argued that the heart of government in the United States started at the municipal level. Charles Beard also argued that history would repeat itself if people were not of a mind to change.

What kinda of government would an anarchist support?

An anarchist would support no form of government. An anarchist believes government is not necessary.

How did federalist feel about the constitution?

They argued that the new government would provide a better balance between the national government and state governments. Hope that helps!