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Q: Who assumed the title of sangram shah?
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When did Sangram Shah die?

Sangram Shah died in 1542.

When was Sangram Shah born?

Sangram Shah was born in 1500.

What is the name given to a king of the safavid empire?

first shah ismailfirst shah tahmasbsecond shah ismailmuhammad khoda bandehfirst shah AbbsShah SafiSECOND SHAH Abbasshah Soleimanshah soltan Hosseinsecond shah tahmasbthird shah abbas

Who assumed the title ekrat?

Mahapadmananda is assumed Ekrat

Translate le shah?

Le Shah is a title of the former ruler of Iran, brought down by Ayatholla Khomeiny in 1979. Le Shah is "the Shah"

What is a Persian title that means king?


A title for former Iranian leaders?


Persian title for king?

The Persian title for king was the word "Shah." There was also the title "Shahanshah" which means King of Kings and also "Padishah" which means Great king.

What is Persian title for king?

Shah is the title given to kings or emperors in Persia, now known as Iran. The word Shah means King of Kings.

Who played the role of sangram in devyani?

sangram salvi

When was Jeevan Sangram created?

Jeevan Sangram was created in 1974.

When was Sangram - film - created?

Sangram - film - was created in 1950.