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Anne was the end of Stuart monarchy line which came from Scotland to unite the Crowns of England and Scotland (hence the new name United Kingdom as the official name of the British isles). In searching for a new Protestant royal family, (that was not Catholic for an Act of Parliament no longer allowed Catholics to reign in England) The closest they could get was the old Electress of Hanover, Sophia. She, however, passed away leaving the inheritance on her son, George I. He spoke no English nor did he care to learn. He spent most of his life in Hanover.

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James VI of Scotland, who became James I of 'the Union of Scotland and England'. He was the third cousin of Queen Elisabeth I.

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Edward VI.

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Q: Who became king after elizabeth the 1st died?
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Who was King of England in 1602?

James VI of Scotland became James I of England in 1603, after the death of Elizabeth I.

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Did Elizabeth st have any kids?

Queen Elizabeth 1st (1533 - 1603) was nicknamed The Virgin Queen, because she did not marry or have any children. When she died with issue, a cousin, King James VI of Scotland, succeeded her and became James I of England.

How did king james1 of England come to be on the trone?

He was invited by the English after Queen Elizabeth 1st died leaving no heirs.

Who became queen after Mary?

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Who became queen after Queen Mary?

Elizabeth the 1st

What age was Elizabeth first put as Queen?

Elizabeth 1st became queen when she was 25.

What religion was Elizabeth the 1st brother?

his name was EdwardVI he became king when Henry VIII died.

How old was Queen Elizabeth 1 she she became a queen?

Elizabeth the 1st was 25 (twenty-five) years old when she became queeen.

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he was the only child of Mary, Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley (Henry Stuart, Duke of Albany). His Great-Grandmother was Margaret Tudor, elder sister of Henry VIII.