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Spiro Agnew was Richard Nixon's Vice President. When Agnew resigned, Gerald Ford became VP.

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Q: Who became president when agnew resigned?
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Who replaced Spiro T. Agnew?

After Vice President Agnew resigned, he was replaced by Vice President (former Speaker of the House) Gerald Ford, who then became president after Richard Nixon resigned.

Why did Gerald become president?

Gerald Ford became Nixon's Vice President after Agnew resigned. Thus when Nixon resigned, Ford was next in line and became President.

Why was Gerald Ford a president that never got elected by the people?

He was appointed to replace Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew when Agnew resigned and replaced President Richard Nixon when he resigned.

What day and year was Gerald Ford elected president?

Gerald Ford was never elected. First he became Vice-President when Spiro Agnew resigned, then he became President after Richard Nixon resigned.

Which vice president was indicted for tax invasion?

Spiro T. Agnew pleaded guilty to tax evasion and resigned as vice-president in 1973.(Gerald Ford, who later became President when Nixon resigned, was appointed to take Agnew's place.)

Who became Richard Nixon's vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned?

After Spiro Agnew was indicted Gerald Ford was selected as Vice-President. He became President when Richard Nixon resigned August 9th 1974. In December of 1974 Ford selected Nelson Rockefeller as Vice-President

How did Gerald Ford become president?

Gerald Ford became president because he was vice-president when President Richard Nixon resigned that office. Interestingly, he was not elected vice-president but was appointed to this position after Spiro Agnew resigned.

Who was the only president held the office vice president and president?

Gerald R. Ford, (1913-2006) the 38th President of the US. As the Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives, he was chosen to replace Spiro T. Agnew, who resigned as Vice-President in 1973. Ford became President when Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, and served until 1977.

Who was the president who din't win president or vice president?

You must mean Gerald Ford. He became vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned, became president after Richard Nixon resigned, and lost the general election to Jimmy Carter in 1976.

What president was never actually elected to office in the 1900s?

Gerald Ford was appointed as Nixon's vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned, and then became President when Nixon resigned after the Watergate Scandal.

What man became the president without ever being elected president or vice president?

Gerald Ford, in 1974. First he became VP when Spiro Agnew resigned in '73, then ascended to the presidency when Richard Nixon resigned.

Was Spiro Agnew replaced by Jimmy Carter from office in 1973?

No. Agnew was replaced as vice-president by Gerald Ford in October, 1973. Ford became President in August , 1974 when Nixon resigned as President. Jimmy Carter defeated Ford in the election of 1976 and thus became President.