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The Vice President

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Q: Who becomes president if only the president dies?
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IF George Bush dies who becomes president?

If he dies in office, then Dick Cheney becomes President.

Who becomes the next president if the president dies?

The vice president

Who becomes the president if the 1st president dies?

The vice-president

Becomes president if the president dies or resigns?

the vice president.

If the Vice President or president dies who becomes president?

If both die then the Speaker of the House becomes president

If the president dies the vice-president?

The vice-president becomes the president.

Who becomes President of the United States if Barack Obama dies in office?

If Obama dies in office, his vice President, Joe Biden, becomes the next President.

Who becomes president if the president vice president and speaker of the house dies?

President pro tempore of the Senate becomes President.

Who becomes president of US if president dies?

The Vice President of America.

What are the presidents roles?

When the president dies the vice president becomes the president

Who becomes president if the president dies while in office?

vice president, & if he dies, the speaker of the house

If vice dies who becomes president?

okay if vice dies the president would still be the same.