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Q: Who began to set up schools for girls in Vermont and New York?
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What is the first state to include a provision in its constitution eliminating property ownership as a requirement for voting?

Vermont's constitution of 1777

At the end of the Revolutionary War the US was bound on the south by?

The northern-most of America's 13 colonies (New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts) formed her northern border with Canada. Note that Maine was a part of Massachusetts at that time.

Is there still places with segregated schools?

Yes, East Ramapo in New York. If you are Jewish you go to paid outside schools. If black or spanish, you go to regular public school. If white, you move or homeschool.

Who were the Americans allies in Revolutionary War?

The French, the Spanish, and the Dutch helped out the American colonies almost from the start, for the most part because they saw a chance to weaken Britain by doing so. They didn't formally ally with the colonies for several years, though (the French did so in early 1778, the Spanish in mid-1779, and the Dutch at the end of 1780).Several Indian tribes also allied with the nascent United States (though several others fought on the British side), and technically Vermont was an ally of the US as opposed to a part of it at that time (there was a dispute between New York and Vermont on territory, and New York objected forcefully to the official recognition of Vermont as a part of the US until 1791). The rebellious Vermonters therefore formed the Vermont Republic instead, with the intention of eventually joining the US proper (the constitution of the Vermont Republic even refers to it as "the State of Vermont"), and allied with the US during the American Revolution.The Dutch,the Spanish,a few Native American tribes,and the FrenchSee:, Spanish, The Netherlands, German, African Americans, and some Native Americans.

Which states did republicans in the 1860 election win?

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylavania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, California.