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Enlightenment thinkers

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Q: Who believed that government only exists if the people allow it?
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Who believed that government only exists if people allow it?

Enlightenment thinkers

Who believed the government only exists if the people allow it?

Enlightenment thinkers

To reduce the burden of government Jefferson?

Jefferson believed in limited government and reducing its burden on the people. He advocated for a smaller federal government with less power and influence over the lives of citizens. He believed that a more decentralized government would allow for greater individual freedom and self-governance.

How does limited government work?

The government can only do as much as the people allow them to do

According to Aristotle a good government?

According to Aristotle, a good government is one that seeks the common good and promotes the well-being of all its citizens. He believed that a good government should uphold laws that are just, provide for the basic needs of its people, and allow for the participation of its citizens in decision-making. Aristotle also emphasized the importance of moderation and balance in governance.

Which Enlightenment idea was part of the Declaration of Independence?

Government should exist with the consent of the people.

When can the government treat people differently by gender or race or religion?

Only under terms of the national security. When 9/11 occur President Bush signed a Rendition Act, with allow the government to seize and torture enemies who are believed to be waging war against there own country.

What type of government did the Mesolithic age had?

No government . To have government people would have to create communities. At this time people were hunters/gathers and followed herds. This life didn't allow for the creation of government .

Supporters of the Constitution believed that the checks and balances system would allow a strong central government and still preserve the rights of the?

State rights!

What is the main goal of government according to Madison?

To collect taxes and to only allow imbeciles to rule. No smart people allow.

What is Ecuador's economic system?

Ecuador is actually mixed. The government has some involvement, but they allow people to trade and export and import.

What did the Sedition Law allow the government to do?

The Sedition Act of 1918 allowed the government to imprison people who spoke out against the government. It was repealed in 1920.