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Adam Smith

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Q: Who believed that the government should stay out of the country economy?
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Who believed that the government should stay out of the country's economy?

Adam Smith

Calvin coolidge believed the US economy choukd be ran by who?

Calvin Coolidge believed that the US economy should be run by the government.

Who believed that the government should influence the economy?

john maynard keynes

What was president Warren G. Hardings attitude toward business?

Harding. thought business was good for the economy and so was good for the country. He therefore believed the federal government should not discourage business with high taxes or undue regulation and restrictions.

What was the whig position of the economy?

They believed that the government should spend money to help the economy.

What did Democratic republics believe in?

Democratic Republicans believed in farmers, state power should be limited, and small government and economy. ;)

What type of country is Mexico?

You should narrow your question. What do you want to know? Government? Economy? Climate?

Did president Coolidge feel that restrictions on business were harmful to the economy?

Yes. He believed that the government should do as little as possible to interfere with business.

What was the democratic position on the economy?

That government should be the controlling and regulating authority. government involvement would be dangerous to individual freedom.

What statement best describes the economic principles of john Maynard Keynes?

He believed the government should run deficits to stimulate a sagging economy.

What was alexanders views on how the constitution should be interpreted?

Hamilton believed that the federal government could do as they needed to govern the country. He believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution.

Which was a federalist position on the economy?

The federalists believed the economy could be bettered by a national bank, a strong central government, and that the U.S. should become an urban nation rather than an agrarian nation.