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across the globe, perceptions of america are increaseingly unfavorable.

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Q: Who believes strongly that government should promote equality and provide social services?
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What are religions that do not believes in technology?

Amish are strongly against technology

What does pro french mean?

pro french means when somebody feels strongly about the government, culture and history.

What is the difference of a democrat and Republican?

Democrats and RepublicansDemocrats are generally more liberal. They believe in a larger federal government, and often implement tax plans to try to help the less privileged. They tend to believe the government must look for the greater good above the individual person in terms of well-fare and do what is necessary to make the populace more "equal". They assert that the values our country holds must evolve over time, and, therefore, tend to support such controversial choices as Pro Choice and gay marriage.Republicans are generally more conservative. They believe that the answers do not lay with the government generally, but rather with the people. They want less government interference and tend to believe more strongly in property rights and less strongly in well-fare rights, holding economic equity above equality. Many republicans are religious and tend to hold to the morals characterizing the Founding Fathers, which results in general disproval of abortions and, for some, gay marriage.To sum it up, Democrats lean toward equality under a large federal goverment. Republicans lean towards people looking after themselves and their neighbors under small federal government and strong state governments.

Delegates from small states most strongly supported what during the constitutional convention of 1787?

They supported a government that had equal representation for all states and had a one house legislature so states with more population wouldn't get more representation in the government

What document explains the ideas of the constitution and urging its ratification?

The Federalist Papers. Federalist were strongly in favor of ratification to have a government stronger than the one under the articles of confederation through federalism.

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Who strongly believes that government shold promote equality and social services?

Minorities and the disadvantaged.

What did Barack Obama feel strongly about?

Obama believes the government should do more for the poor. He pushes for government subsidized health insurance, citizenship for illegal immigrants and pardons for reformed drug offenders in prisons.

What are religions that do not believes in technology?

Amish are strongly against technology

What are George Strait's beliefs?

he strongly believes in GOD and JESUS

Who is Ron Paul and why is he trying to save your country?

Ron Paul is a Republican from Houston, TX. He is also a physcian. He has been in the House of Reps for over 20 years now. He was for many years, the only libertarian member. He strongly believes in limited government, which explains his opposition to the Iraqi war. He also believes that the IRS needs to be replaced with less bureacratic system that is more fair. Even though he believes in limited government, he has no problem having the government to restrict abortion services to women, especially poor women. He served in Vietnam and is a patriot who wants to better the country. He, like most Americans, hate deficit spending and debt and wants to do something about it.

Although the biographer cannot prove it she believes strongly that Hypatia invented the astrolabe?


What kind of government did the Romans strongly oppose?

The Romans strongly opposed a monarchy.

What did Martin Luther King Jr mean when he said dream in his speech?

he believed, he felt strongly about equality

What is the economic term for prices of goods and services set by government?

A government only sets the prices for goods and services as a matter of course in Communist or strongly socialist countries. This has come to pass in more economically conservative countries only during periods of high inflation and serious economic downturn.

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Yes he does! all khan are muslim. He says he strongly believes the Qur'an

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Yes, Bear Grylls strongly believes in and follows the Christian faith.