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Chumash Indians slave labor built it under the supervision of Spanish friars and military men. Is was not called slavery but they were not paid and could not leave. It was destroyed in an earthquake in 1812 and again rebuilt by Chumash labor. The terrible treatment there led to the Chumash Revolt of 1824.

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The Chumash people built all the mission buildings and farms. It was required labor that the Spanish demanded. They were not paid and could not leave. We would call this slavery today. Resentment of this and other Spanish actions led to the Chumash Revolt.

After the mission was secularized in 1821 most people left and it started to decay. Fr Buckler in 1904 started to rebuild it. He housed homelsss men there in exchange for them helping work on the place. Capuchin Irish Franciscan Friars came in 1924 and finished the work. Major rebuilding began in 1947. The restoration continues to this day.

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Indians built santa cruz mission

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Q: Who built mission Santa Cruz?
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When was the Mission Santa Cruz built?


When was Mission Santa Cruz built?

Augest 28, 1791

What shape was mission santa cruz built in?

it is a square shaped structure

How many times was Mission Santa Cruz built?

three times

Is Mission Santa Cruz the 12th mission?

yes the 12 mission is Santa Cruz mission

Why was the santa cruz mission built in santa cruz?

All of the 21 missions were built a days ride from each other which would be about 30-40 miles apart. Santa Cruz was in a good location, had Ocean access, and with plenty of other resources. It established the foothold in the area to build the mission.

What was the early history of the santa cruz mission?

Who established santa cruz mission

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that santa cruz mission was the 12 mission.

Who rebuild santa cruz mission?

Father Lausen, who led the missionary system following Father Serra's death, raised the cross on August 28, 1791 on where Mission Santa Cruz, or "Holy Cross," was to be built. On September 25, 1791, the Mission Santa Cruz was formally founded as the 12th California Mission.

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When was Mission Santa Cruz created?

Mission Santa Cruz was created on 1791-09-25.